Exploring Pregnancy-Related Anxiety Through The Lens of The COVID-19 Pandemic

by Shuli Bolton and Aleeza Solomont

Pregnancy has shown to increase anxiety. On top of this, the research on COVID-19 has shown that there has been an increase of anxiety among many individuals. This study looks at the connection between pregnancy related anxiety, and anxiety around the pandemic. Not only this, but it explores the difference between same sex relationships and heterosexual relationships. We distributed three different surveys, one to individuals who were pregnant during COVID-19, those who were the partners of the individual who was pregnant during COVID-19, and lastly to those who decided to delay pregnancy because of the pandemic. Each group answered three surveys, one on pregnancy related anxiety, one on Covid-19 Pandemic Anxiety, and one on Pandemic related pregnancy stress. We will be continuing our research next semester, and will have our results by March.

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